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A Comparison between Piracetam & Aniracetam

You may be deciding between piracetam and aniracetam. Perhaps you cannot afford to buy both or are simply just looking for a general comparison between the two supplements. Both piracetam and aniracetam have a lot of similarities and differences to evaluate. Popularity In terms of popularity, piracetam is much more popular than aniracetam as a more »

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Can Nootropics Be Anxiolytic

Anxiety is a problem that affects everyone. For many, anxiety is a physiological problem which means your thoughts affect your nervous system which in turn creates a flight or fight response. The best and ultimate way to deal with anxiety is to confront anxious thoughts and change them in order to change the physiological response. more »

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How to Identify & Overcome Low Dopamine

Dopamine is a catecholamine neurotransmitter with many important functions. It is the primary reward neurotransmitter with many other implications on cognitive functioning and mood. Dopamine is considered a nootropic neurotransmitter due to its effects on essential cognitive functioning. Many drugs both legal and illegal use the dopamine structure, method or pathway to pharmacologically change the more »

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What Are Cholinergic Nootropics?

You may hear the word “cholinergic” tossed around quite frequently on this blog and others. This is because the word cholinergic often involves nootropics. Cholinergic means the acetylcholine-producing system. This is the system that manages and creates acetylcholine however the word often refers to anything involving acetylcholine. Acetylcholine Function Acetylcholine was the first neurotransmitter discovered. more »

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5 Incredible Russian Nootropics

Russians have always tried to push ahead of the curve. They were in the race to space, and very close to landing on the moon before any other country. Russia has also continually showed their power throughout history as a military and economic superpower Russian nootropics have also been an area of incredible advancement. The more »

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Nootropics and ADHD

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to recommend medical advice. The article is strictly observational and does not recommend to supplement the advice and guidance of your doctor. Nootropics have not been evaluated by the FDA to be a viable form of treatment for ADHD/ADD ADHD is a problem that over 3-5% of the population more »

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Sunifiram or Noopept – Which is Better?

If you are in the market for a powerful nootropic, perhaps noopept and sunifiram have crossed your mind. It is no secret that both of these supplements are much stronger than piracetam. A lot of people wonder which nootropic is better. This article will review both of these products and come to a conclusion on more »

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6 Popular Nootropic Stacks

Many nootropic users will build a stack to increase the overall effectiveness of each supplement. The end goal of a stack is to produce the best effects at the cheapest costs. There are some supplements that go good together and some that do not. Synergy is the key and this article will outline some of more »

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5 Herbal Nootropics for You to Love

For those not wanting to resort to nootropic chemicals, drugs or dietary supplements, there are some natural alternatives that are still very powerful. This list will help bring you up to speed on just exactly what types of herbal nootropics there are and just how they may work with you. Huperzine A Huperzine A is more »

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The 5 Best-Selling Nootropic Supplements

We have composed a list of some of the most popular nootropics in 2013. These nootropics are popular because they work well for most people and have a long history of use. This list is not likely to change over the next few years even with some of the newcomers like sunifiram and coluracetam coming more »

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Comparing Nootropics to Stimulants

You probably already know that nootropics are supplements or drugs that increase cognitive function. They do so without causing a high occurrence of negative interactions. This is simply because they are generally not considered to be psychoactive and therefore do not carry the same baggage that comes with these types of substances. Caffeine One highly more »

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Alpha GPC Review

If you are considering a “choline” supplement, you may have considered alpha GPC as an option. Alpha GPC is a great supplement and perhaps the most suitable for you. Its cost is considerably more than choline however unlike choline, it actually is considered to have nootropic qualities when taken alone. Regardless, it is most commonly more »

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