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Sunifiram – A complete Review Reveals What Stands Behind This Nootropic

Sunifiram represents a new generation of nootropics which already have a bright future in this market, showing promising and successful results. This nootropic belongs to the ampakine group of substances, and is an AMPA agonist, which means that it mimics the neurotransmitter effect of glutamate. Several reviews have suggested that this substance is similar to more »

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Noopept Side Effects

It is no wonder that people who are using nootropics, especially students, tend to experiment with much higher doses than recommended. It may be because the exam is due tomorrow and that there is no possible way to learn and memorize the next two hundred pages in less than a day. Some of these individuals more »

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How Safe Is the Use of Ampakines Like Sunifiram and Unifiram?

Sunifiram is a popular and fairly new nootropic that belongs to the “ampakines” family. While most reports have led to consistent and positive results, many ampakines haven’t still been thoroughly studied. Some clinical tests in animals have been done to study the effects of sunifiram. These tests have revealed positive effects associated with this nootropic’s more »

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