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Nefiracetam review

Nefiracetam is relatively a new member of the Racetam family of nootropics, which is used for boosting the brain power. This substance increases the activity in certain parts of the brain and brings the desired cognitive function to individuals who wish to enhance their memory capability. Since Nefiracetam is still new, its market availability is still poor, which presents it as one of the least known nootropic substances from the Racetam nootropic family. Even though it has been derived from Piracetam, this chemical substance is more similar to another racetam supplement called Aniracetam. Both Nefiracetam and Aniracetam are fat soluble substances and both will improve the cognitive functions of the brain, along with the brain’s learning capacity and memory, with a beneficial neuro protective property. Since this nootropic substance is less popular among other Racetams, it is recommended to consider this article and other reviews to better decide whether this supplement is the best choice for you. Along with this, please keep in mind to consult with a medical professional about further safety issues, its toxicity, and the recommended dosage.

Nefiracetam benefits

The main benefit of Nefiracetam is linked to its nootropic effect. The enhancement in cognitive functions could be seen in the increase of the learning and memory capacities, logical and critical analysis, perception, planning, attention, and impulse control. Along with other members of Racetam family, Nefiracetam is noted for improving the many mentioned areas of cognition. The primary benefits of Nefiracetam are information retention in the long-term memory and overall better memory functions.

The spatial learning ability is another benefit of Nefiracetam and it has been shown in numerous studies. This nootropic substance will also potentiate the effect regarding the increase of the attention span, including focus and concentration, when compared to other Racetam nootropics. Other studies have stated that it could help patients who suffer from cognitive decline while improving the overall health and maintenance processes of the brain cells. Its neuro protective activity protects the neurons from premature death due to oxidative stress present in the body.

This nootropic substance is not only similar to Aniracetam because of its structure, but with its general effects. Both of these Racetams can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.Moreover, both have similar mechanisms of action. The only difference is that Nefiracetam exhibits a wider effect range, by being highly Monoaminergic and GABAergic, unlike Aniracetam which doesn’t have a strong effect in those areas. The similar mechanisms and difference explains why Nefiracetam represents a more powerful Anxiolytic when compared to Aniracetam. When it comes to depression, Nefiracetam has shown in studies that it could treat depressed patients including those having seizures, both the non-convulsive and convulsive ones.

Nefiracetam’s mechanism of action

As previously stated, by belonging to the same group of Racetams, Nefiracetam has a couple of mechanisms which can benefit the general nootropic effect. The first and the most potent one is the prolonged opening of the calcium ionic channels. The prolonged opening of these channels can lead to the enhancement of the signaling functions or the stimulation of neurons. The prolonged opening amplifies the neuron messages sent by the excitatory neurotransmitters, which increases the level of communication between the different brain areas and improving the memory formation that is important for the nootropic consumers.

The second mechanism, nothing less important than the previous one, is the potentiation of Acetylcholine receptors, especially the nicotinic ones. This mechanism, then affects a number of various effects, including the Glutamate and GABA release, which are two of the most important and powerful neurotransmitters. GABA is an inhibitory substance in the brain, helping the brain to calm down, which benefits the reducing of anxiety, depression, and stress. On the other hand, both Acetylcholine and Glutamate play an important role in the memory development process and capacity learning, with a range of additional cognitive functions and processes.

Recommended dosage for Nefiracetam

The conducted academic and clinical trials have so far used the appropriate range of doses, from the minimal with the slightest effect, to those with toxic effects. Yet, like any other chemical substance, Nefiracetam’s effect varies from each person to another depending on the administered dose. One dose may be enough for one person, but can be less efficient to another.Considering this, different reviews have talked about the proper dosage for Nefiracetam, so it is better to consult a medical professional if you wish to start a safe treatment with this nootropic substance. If you take the medical literature in consideration, a dosage between 8mg to 30mg per kilogram may be the efficient level of an adult.

For a person with an average weight of 70 kg, this translates into 560mg to 2100mg per day. As mentioned, not all people will enjoy the same effects when they administer the recommended dosage, so it is better to start with a lower dose and then gradually increase,according to an individual’s needs. But, do not exceed the dosage above the recommended dosage, due to some of its potential toxic effects. Nefiracetam, like Aniracetam, is a fat soluble molecule, so an intake in combination with food or milk could benefit absorption.

Potential side effects and toxicity

Even though there are no cases of severe toxicity in humans, caution should still be taken when administering any nootropic supplement, including Nefiracetam. Because most of the studies, especially on new chemicals, are performed on animals, human data are still not available. Yet, if we consider the recommended dosage according to studies, the non-toxic dose of 900mg per day is considered completely safe, regardless of genetic predispositions. The studies on animals, like dogs and rats, in fact, have shown a testicular toxicity when a much higher dosage was administered.

When it comes to the side effects of Nefiracetam, these are more likely similar to the side effects of other members of Racetam group. These side effects include nausea, irritability,headaches, dizziness, stomach issues, and fatigue. As it is widely known, headaches could be avoided by the supplementation of Choline chemicals, like Centrophenoxine or Alpha GPC. The other side effects are pretty much rare and have been reported only when excessive doses were taken.

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