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Piracetam – Side Effects and their prevention

Piracetam is probably the most well-known nootropic drug from the Racetam group, as well as among from other members of nootropic families. By being the first Racetam ever developed, Piracetam has gone under numerous studies for safety, effects, and toxicity. All studies have suggested that this nootropic substance is regarded generally as safe. Yet, like any other substance being developed, Piracetam does have its share of side effects which should be taken into consideration.

By knowing the side effects of Piracetam, we could prevent them efficiently. The most common side effects present when using Piracetam are nervousness, increase in weight, headaches, and sleepiness. Another important thing to say is that majority of the users do not experience such side effects while using Piracetam. Therefore, only a minor number of consumers actually have experienced the negative effects of the nootropic therapy and usually in higher dosages. Before you decide to start using Piracetam, please consider a consultation with a medical professional, who will certainly tell you more about its side effects and preventive measures, which will be shared later in this blog post as well.


NervousnessThe mechanism of action of Piracetam is similar to other Racetams and that is to influence the brain receptors and several significant and powerful neurotransmitters. Piracetam affects Acetylcholine receptors and the additional activity of these chemicals could significantly impact a person, leading to nervousness and shakiness. It is also noted that Piracetam affects nervousness and anxiety in a positive manner, yet a smaller group of people may experience a paradox effect of nervousness.

If this occurs, it means that you are sensitive to the Piracetam effects, which means that you may have to lower your dose in order to proceed with the proper treatment. Actually, this should take care of the problem, yet if it doesn’t, you could either contact a medical professional or terminate the use of this supplement immediately. Simply, some nootropics are not designed for everybody, so another nootropic drug from the same or a different group should do the trick.

Increase in weight

Probably the most concern nowadays is the increase in weight. It could be a problem for some when using medicine, so it could lead to a termination of the treatment process or a similar thing. It is the same for nootropic treatments and for some people. The increase in weight could be a huge psychical problem. Yet, Piracetam users should not worry about this side effect because it is rare and is not as important as someone might think. A great way to work against this side effect is to correct your diet and adjust it to your real needs. Eat better and healthier foods, including both fruits and vegetables and cutting down on sugar. Another great advice is to lower the dosage of Piracetam and prevent this side effects from repelling you from further treatment.


Probably the most common and the most reported side effect of them all is headaches. It appears among 10% of users and it is mostly irritating to some, leading to treatment denials. This is a completely normal side effect, which disappears after a week or two of use and it is a common reaction to new substance intakes.

The headaches occur because of the Piracetam’s effect on Acetylcholine production, which is vastly increased, thereby making it burdensome for neuronal receptors. There are a couple of possibilities which you may take into consideration if you feel like headaches are really affecting your everyday life. The first one is to do nothing and hope that the headaches will solve themselves after a week or two, which is quite normal. The second possibility is to start with a lower dosage of Piracetam and then just slowly increase it in the future. This will make your body adapt to a new substance and will prevent the headaches for sure. Yet, if you wish to take a higher dosage of Piracetam and want to enhance your cognitive function significantly, then taking Choline supplements should do the trick when the headaches do occur. This is because the body needs more Acetylcholine, which is present in lower concentrations due to the sensitivity of the receptors that produce it.

Probably the best available Choline supplements are Alpha GPC, Centrophenoxine or Citicoline. The good thing is to combine Piracetam and Citicoline, which most of the people do in order to enhance the nootropic treatment and prevent the side effects of Piracetam. A great choline source is food, especially eggs and meat, so correcting your diet should prevent the headaches while using Piracetam.


Sleep for brain health

The uncommon side effect of Piracetam, which could be regarded as a paradox, is the sleepy feeling which may occur with some consumers. This is induced by the changed concentrations of neurotransmitters. However, if you reduce the Piracetam dose or even stop the administration of this nootropic drug, this side effect could disappear immediately.

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