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Agmatine Sulfate


50 – 100 grams

  • Might Enhance Learning & Brain Function
  • May Reduce Excitotoxicity
  • No Binders or Fillers
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Agmatine is a chemical derived from L-arginine through the process of decarboxylation. Decarboxylation results in the removal of a particular carboxylic acid. Agmatine is a neurotransmitter and helps in protecting the brain from the buildup of toxins. This nootropic is mostly used to help enhance brain function and improve cognition.

It also is claimed to help reduce neuropathic pain, though there is not much research evidence for the same and it is still unclear as to how it works regarding the purported benefits. The chemical is naturally found in foods such as beef, chocolate, soy sauce and mussels but can also be artificially manufactured.

Agmatine is available over the counter and is readily available without a prescription. It can be used to heighten brain function, and is also used to help in reducing anxiety and related effects. Tests for the same have not been too conclusive, however research is still occurring.

Agmatine is usually listed as “Agmatine sulfate” on most commercial supplements.

Mechanism of Action

The chemical compound, Agmatine, is thought to work in many different ways. Firstly, it is believed to inhibit n-methyl-D-aspartate and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors as also imidazoline receptors. It has also been shown to inhibit nitric oxide synthase enzymes that allow it to curb the amount of nitric oxide in the brain. Agmatine can also help in inhibiting calcium channels. As such it could enhance the release of serotonin in the brain making it ideal to improve brain function and leave a person feeling happy.

The bioavailability of this supplement is quite high as it readily crosses the blood-brain barrier. Agmatine travels to the brain and helps in altering the chemical structure to a certain extent. As is the case with most other nootropics, it remains in the system for a few hours after consumption.

Scientists are still not sure whether it is an inhibitor or a precursor to the release of certain chemicals in the brain but are clear of the positive effects it has on the mind.

Potential Benefits for Agmatine

    • This nootropic is mainly used to help with sports injuries. It is said to help in protecting the body during workouts and assist with diminishing pain sensitivity. It helps muscles to recover during and after a workout session.
    • This powerful supplement is used to monitor hormones and enhances their function in the body. Hormones are chiefly responsible for maintaining healthy body function and can be tricky to balance. Agmatine helps in improving their activity and contributes to keeping them healthy.
    • Agmatine helps in enhancing endurance. Many athletes and bodybuilders consume the supplement to help them last longer in the gym. It can be consumed 30 minutes before a workout to increase its effects on the body.
    • Agmatine is said to naturally lower body fat. Those looking to reduce body fat without having to work out too much can consider consuming this supplement on a regular basis. However, you might have to wait for a longer time to see results as compared to those that workout on a regular basis.
    • This drug is also an anti-oxidant that helps in fighting away free radicals to a large extent. With regular use, you will be able to develop a durable body that is high in immunity.
    • As is the case with other nootropics, Agmatine helps in improving brain capacity, thereby better preparing an athlete to combat tough situations. As you know, it is quite important to be mentally ready to partake in athletic competitions, and that is made possible through the consumption of Agmatine.
    • Agmatine is believed to help with kidney function. Regular usage can assist in keeping the kidneys clean and enhance their purpose.
    • Agmatine helps in maintaining ideal blood pressure levels. Healthy blood pressure levels mean good heart health. Heart health is remarkably important, especially if you are planning on availing enhanced workout sessions.
  • The chemicals in Agmatine help to reduce the effects of people feeling the blues to a certain extent as well.

Possible Side Effects of Agmatine

Although Agmatine sulfate is a safe product to consume, it does come with its share of side effects:

    • The supplement is said to cause gastrointestinal disturbances. Having these disturbances means that you might suffer from gastric issues and have to stop consumption of the supplement temporarily. You can also consider reducing the dose of the supplement until you feel well again.
    • Agmatine is also said to lower pain threshold. Those that consumed Agmatine sulfate on a regular basis experienced greater pain than those that consumed other nootropics.
    • Some people have complained of experiencing increased appetite, which can lead to weight gain. But there is no conclusive evidence to prove this statement.
  • The supplement has not been tested at high doses thereby limiting knowledge of its effect on the body.

Recommended Dosage

The dosage for this supplement varies from person to person depending on their body type. Here is a chart depicting the ideal dosage for different weights.

  • 120 lbs – 86 to 350 mg per day
  • 140 lbs – 103 to 406 mg per day
  • 160 lbs – 115 to 465 mg per day
  • 180 lbs – 131 to 524 mg per day
  • 200 lbs – 145 to 581 mg per day
  • 220 lbs – 160 to 641 mg per day
  • 240 lbs – 175 to 699 mg per day

It is best to stick to this recommendation to take full advantage of the total benefits of this nootropic.

The supplement can be recommended to people looking to develop a lean body. Agmatine is possibly the number 1 bodybuilding supplement in the world and can be sold under different names.


Agmatine is available as a powder supplement and mostly used by athletes and body builders to build powerful and lean bodies. You can consume it on a regular basis to improve your body’s capacity to develop strong muscles.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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