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Sunifiram – A complete Review Reveals What Stands Behind This Nootropic

sunifiram review

Sunifiram represents a new generation of nootropics which already have a bright future in this market, showing promising and successful results. This nootropic belongs to the ampakine group of substances, and is an AMPA agonist, which means that it mimics the neurotransmitter effect of glutamate. Several reviews have suggested that this substance is similar to piracetam, except that is has a more potent activity with being 1000 times stronger when used in the same dosage. Sunifiram efficiently boosts cognitive function of an individual, including learning, attention span, alertness and learning. User experiences on different forums, along with latest reviews, suggest that this nootropic could become the most popular one in this field, aiding the concentration improvement of consumer.

sunfiram AMPA receptor
This nootropic is truly a substance of the 21st century. It was first found and researched in the year 2000, with complete similarity to the piracetam chemical structure, but with little effects on cholinergic mechanisms. Current studies reveal that this cognitive enhancer is the main topic of many research related to Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive decline conditions. It benefits an individual, according to some personal reviews, in the terms of mind clarity and information recall, allowing an easier approach to learning and comprehending facts. An interesting fact bout this nootropic is that it is often compared to noopept, which is a compkete cholinergic in nature. Initial comparison reveals the advantage of sunifiram when compared to noopept is that it boosts memory better, but is not as strong on alertness and focus.

Benefits & Effects of Sunifiram

The group of ampakine nootropics, including sunifiram, works similarly to the racetam group, because they both stimulate brain receptors to help modulate cognitive neurotransmitters . As previously stated, the primary mechanism of sunifirams’ effect is AMPA glutamate receptor stimulation. With being one of the most important neurotransmitters in the human body, glutamate shows the major responsibility for connecting excitatory transmissions, forms connections between brain synapses and regulates the general survival of brain cells. This neurotransmitter affects the brain metabolism and if lower concentrations are present, then the affected individual may experience a narrow attention span, poor learning, and difficulty with memory. Sunifiram may reverse these negative effects and rises glutamate levels so that a brain can perform better.

Besides the glutamate influence, sunifiram effects acetylcholine levels, similar to the racetam group of nootropics. Higher concentrations of acetylcholine allow both hemispheres of brain to connect and function more properly, improving important social skills necessary for communication with other people.

Experiences Linked to Sunifiram Use

Many individuals on well-known forums say that this nootropic reminds them of smart Adderall with little to know stimulatory effects. A good thing is that sunifiram doesn’t have the same side effects as adderall, because it doesn’t have the same mechanism of action because of the affiliation to different neurotransmitters. Sunifiram may increases the level of energy and concentration ability and many people have said that this nootropic gives them motivation for learning and working.

sunifiram dosage

How to Take Sunifiram and Recommended Dosage

It is extremely important for an individual to understand how to take sunifiram and which dosage is the most appropriate for use. Those who have already tried pramiracetam may experience that sunifiram is much stronger in the same doses, so it is important to take acknowledge this when using sunifiram. Positive effects appear with the dosage of 4 mg, even though people typically consume about 5-8 mg. An effect similar to adderall is more likely to happen when a dosage of 10 mg is used. This dosage is not toxic and it is likely that it will not cause serious side effects, yet the possibility for perspiration and high body temperature is increased. The recommendations for this substance is an initial dose of 3 mg for the first week of use, increasing the dosage when feeling comfortable and not exceeding the 10 mg limit.

How Safe is This Nootropic?

With being new substance in the nootropic world, sunifiram still has to be investigated for side effects and general safety. So far, this chemical is considered to be safe if the recommended dosage is respected. No serious or dangerous side effects have been reported by the consumers and there were no studies which have reported a serious warning about sunifiram usage. Yet, it is still early to make a definite conclusion for this newly developed nootropic. So, it is important to read the reviews about sunifiram, such is this one, to get the first info on this substance and decide whether this nootropic could be the right thing for you. The reported side effects are mild and are not really that common. These include anxiety, headaches, restlessness, jitters, brain fog, insomnia, increased sweating and nausea. It is important to talk with a medical professional before starting a nootropic treatment with sunifiram and also report any of the side effects you experience.

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