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Sunifiram or Noopept – Which is Better?

If you are in the market for a powerful nootropic, perhaps noopept and sunifiram have crossed your mind. It is no secret that both of these supplements are much stronger than piracetam. A lot of people wonder which nootropic is better. This article will review both of these products and come to a conclusion on which is better

Noopept – The Powerful Cholinergic

Noopept is not actually a part of the racetam family but related in both structure and effects. The main difference between noopept and the racetams is the dosage required to get required effects. A common dosage of noopept is 20-40mg whereas a common dosage of a racetam (depending on which) can go from 250mg-3000mg. This main difference has to do with bioavailability. Noopept is much more bioavailable due to its structure and therefore much less is needed to get the desired nootropic benefit.

Great nootropic benefits may be observed with noopept due to its strong cholinergic effects. It works to stimulate the cholinergic system and produce strong acetylcholine-based mental enhancements. A lot of people who take noopept may see benefits consistent with cholinergic enhancements. These may include enhanced sensory perceptions, alertness, memory, verbal fluency, etc…

In regards of comparing noopept to the racetams, it is seen very powerful. Some people may prefer certain racetams but many would take noopept as their favorite cholinergic. Basically, if it works it works. It may also have some mood boosting and anxiolytic qualities as a pleasant side effect but once again, this is largely dependent on the individual.

Sunifiram – A Powerful Ampakine


There has been a lot of talk about sunifiram as of late. Sunifiram is a rather new compound that has become commercially available through several large and reputable nootropic retailers. The effects of sunifiram have been suggested to greatly enhance the activity and AMPA and NMDA glutamate receptors. This has been suggested to be the main way how sunifiram affects cognition (however some suggest it may have cholinergic effects as well).

Many individual reports about sunifiram have populated internet forums and threads. Some of these reports have suggested it to be a powerful cognitive enhancer with effects focusing on memory and learning. These reports seem consistent with a powerful amapkine nootropic.

There is some concern with sunifiram. It has not been studied to the extent that noopept has. Noopept has a lot of human documentation and safety trials. For sunfiram, this information is few and far between. Even though people see it as a powerful cognitive enhancer, it may not be all that safe. Sure it may not be a poision, but excitoxicity has been a growing concern. This brings up the question as to whether or not this compound should be used.



Both of these nootropics seem to have powerful effects however there should be some things influencing your decisions. These nootropics are both now vary close in cost and can be considered to be fairly cheap per dose.

In terms of benefits, both sunifiram and noopept may offer positive benefits to cognition. Both are different in how they influence cognition. There may be some overlap in effects but generally, one is considered a powerful cholinergic while the other is considered primarily to be an ampakine. The two could theoretically be stacked and may go well together however we strongly recommend against this at this point.

We strongly suggest against using sunifiram for your own safety. There may be many who disregard this advice. There will be arguments on both side of this fence and many more personal reports coming through. The truth is that one can only go off real human studies involving these compounds.

Noopept does have these studies and a long history of safe use and backing. It is almost certainly not excitotoxic and while sunifiram may not be, it still is not worth the chance to risk long term use. Stick with the known cholinergics and weak ampakines. Noopept may be right for you

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