If you are considering a “choline” supplement, you may have considered alpha GPC as an option. Alpha GPC is a great supplement and perhaps the most suitable for you. Its cost is considerably more than choline however unlike choline, it actually is considered to have nootropic qualities when taken alone. Regardless, it is most commonly stacked with cholinergic compounds such as racetams for best results.

What Makes Alpha GPC Special?

Comparing alpha GPC to choline is like comparing apples to oranges. Both can help increase the amount of choline and acetylcholine however each works and metabolizes differently. There are many ways to increase the amount of acetylcholine. Some supplements like choline bitatrate act as an external choline source whereas alpha GPC is a phospholipid that converts into choline within the brain. Alpha GPC is more effective than choline at getting into certain parts of the brain more efficiently with fewer side effects.

How alpha gpc converts into choline in the brain makes it the most valuable. It is considered a choline prodrug that is hands down the best acetylcholine supplement based on weight. If you are considering the best choline supplement and are less concerned about price, this supplement may be for you.

Benefits of Stacking Alpha GPC

Most of the benefits of alpha GPC will be apparent when the supplement is stacked with cholinergic supplements and drugs. Its effects when supplemented alone may not be fully transparent however one might experience a slight increase in their cognitive functions.

Stacking alpha GPC with racetams is the most common and the combination may have synergistic effects. Some people suggest that they can feel a difference between choline and alpha GPC when stacking with racetams however there have been any documented studies to verify this. It is possible that alpha gpc may have efficiency over choline on how it produces acetylcholine in certain parts of the brain.

Studies have shown alpha GPC to be effective when combined with an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. There are several types of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors one may decide to stack however huperzine A and galantamine are two of the most popular.

Is Alpha GPC the Best Choline?

Many people claim alpha gpc to be the best choline source. This is not far off from the truth and cdp choline (citicoline) is probably the most comparable to it. As far as choline potency, gpc wins over cdp. On the downside, it is more expensive than cdp choline so this is something to take into consideration. In regard to nootropic effects, both work very well at increasing choline and how it is used in the brain. Both are recommended choline sources.

One thing to consider when buying alpha gpc, is how it is purified. Some nootropic suppliers will sell the cheaper version which in comprised of mostly filler. These versions are much less in potency because the substance has only been purified once. Retailers buy the cheaper version for higher profits may or may not offer it for the same price and the pure version of gpc. At elite nootropics, we only sell the high purified version.


Alpha gpc has been considered to be very safe and low in side effects however there are some things to remember. Having too much acetylcholine can affect some people and therefore increasing these levels with supplements can cause problems. Most of these problems do not affect the central nervous system and exist mostly as side effects on the mood.

It is thought that side effects like: depression, irritability and aggressiveness may be a result of neurotransmitter imbalances caused by an acetylcholine spike. There is not exact science but some believe having too much choline supplementation will cause these problems. Alpha gpc seems to cause less side effects than supplements like choline bitatrate however one must be aware of this when taking these types of supplements