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Bacopa – A Herbal Gem of Ayurvedic Medicine

Nature has given its best when it comes to natural medicine and dietary products. As a natural nootropic remedy, Bacopa represents a herbal nootropic gem of Ayurvedic medicine, an Indian alternative medicine. Bacopa monnieri, or Bacopa, is recommended traditionally for epilepsy, asthma and memory enhancement. The medical classification of this herb puts it in the more »

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An In-Depth Review of Citicoline

Citicoline is considered a pro-supplement for both choline and uridine. It confers both choline and uridine into your body after its oral ingestion. This supplement first dissociates into choline and cytidine, and later, cytidine converts into uridine. Citicoline is known to prevent or treat memory impairments linked with aging because the two molecules conferred by more »

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Centrophenoxine – effects and side effects

Centrophenoxine represents a nootropic chemical which is sold in different countries under the same name, Lucidril. Its benefits are mostly aimed towards elderly people who use this supplement in order to fight cognitive denial which comes with age. This nootropic protects the brain from many damages caused by various toxins. This article will show the more »

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Choline pills as the ultimate Nootropic Supplement

For those who wish to try the latest wonders from the nootropic world, Choline pills would be the right choice, which brings a solid foundation to neuroscience and medicine. In general, choline supplements are necessary for your brain to synthesize Acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter to various brain functions, including conscious thought and memory. Choline supplements more »

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A Complete List of Nootropic Supplements

There are several groups of nootropics. This list will hopefully give you a big picture of the types of nootropics in each category. If we need to add onto this list please don’t hesitate to contact us. Some of the new research nootropics such as are not on this list due to their limited availability more »

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Acetylcholine and Cognitive Function

Many of us have probably never heard of acetylcholine or perhaps have only heard about it on the context of Myasthenia Gravis and Alzheimer’s Disease. But do you know how important acetylcholine is, especially for an individual’s cognitive function? What is Acetylcholine? Acetylcholine is a common neurotransmitter and most predominant in the peripheral nervous system. more »

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Alpha GPC Citicoline Comparision

Both citicoline and alpha GPC are effective in improving memory and accelerating learning. But, you may find it difficult to determine which one would work best for you. By comparing the benefits and method of action of each supplement, you can make a well-informed decision. Method of Action Although both the nootropics achieve the same more »

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Alpha Brain: A Nootropic Product Review

Even though nootropic drugs have already gone beyond the radar, it’s fair to assume that the wide range of supplements and drugs today may have turned off some people. When bombarded with a plethora of all-too-similar products, reactions from some consumers is to simply give up and not even bother dwelling further. As a result, more »

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Nefiracetam review

Nefiracetam is relatively a new member of the Racetam family of nootropics, which is used for boosting the brain power. This substance increases the activity in certain parts of the brain and brings the desired cognitive function to individuals who wish to enhance their memory capability. Since Nefiracetam is still new, its market availability is more »

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Synaptol – a homeopathic nootropic supplement

Homeopathic supplements have recently gained popularity for being extremely safe and adaptable to anyone who wishes to use it. This is fairly supported by the fact that these supplements are available without prescription, enlisting them as OTC (over-the-counter) preparations. An example of a homeopathic preparation is Synaptol, which is a nootropic supplement for the treatment more »

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Piracetam – Side Effects and their prevention

Piracetam is probably the most well-known nootropic drug from the Racetam group, as well as among from other members of nootropic families. By being the first Racetam ever developed, Piracetam has gone under numerous studies for safety, effects, and toxicity. All studies have suggested that this nootropic substance is regarded generally as safe. Yet, like more »

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Yamabushitake Mushroom’s Top Benefits

Yamabushitake represents a medicinal mushroom, with a significant benefits aimed towards the neurological function of an individual. The name was derived from the latern term Hericium erinaceus and it also has a couple of recognizable names such as Monkey Head Mushroom, and Lion’s Mane. This amazing mushroom has many neurological benefits. It is rich in more »

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Side effects of Armodafinil

Along with other nootropic and smart drug substances, armodafinil is an excellent example of an effective chemical which benefits your brain in the terms of cognitive function and memory. If you wish to start an armodafinil nootropic treatment and yet you want to be aware of potential side effects of this substance, then you are more »

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Picamilon – A Combination of Vitamin B3 & GABA

Picamilon represents a synthetic combination of the GABA neurotransmitter and vitamin B3, also known as niacin. This nootropic substance has the capability of providing vasodilatatory and anxiolytic effects which can offer many benefits to consumers. This substance was first developed in the former U.S.S.R. and actually represents an enhanced form of the neurotransmitter GABA and more »

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Sunifiram – A complete Review Reveals What Stands Behind This Nootropic

Sunifiram represents a new generation of nootropics which already have a bright future in this market, showing promising and successful results. This nootropic belongs to the ampakine group of substances, and is an AMPA agonist, which means that it mimics the neurotransmitter effect of glutamate. Several reviews have suggested that this substance is similar to more »

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