Adrafinil has proven to be one of the best nootropic substances available, by achieving astonishing popularity in the last couple of years. Designed in the middle 1980’s, it has gained its popularity just until recently, when it caught tremendous attention of U.S. population. Its cognitive enhancing effect has lured the consumers, with a promising results in dealing with physical and mental weakness, as well as insomnia and nervousness. It is regarded as an effective uncontrolled substance with similar effects to the controlled drug, Modafinil.

The benefits of Adrafinil are numerous, as stated, but like any other chemical substance, it has side effects which should be considered when using this chemical. So, before an individual starts using Adrafinil, consultation with a medical professional is a must so that a therapy could be planned efficiently, by avoiding higher doses and side effects, potentiating its beneficial cognitive effects.

Adrafinil brain

a comparison between a brain on adrafinil and normal brain

Adrafinil recommended dosage

In order to avoid the side effects and promote the benefits of the substance, it is important to know the recommended dosage for Adrafinil. The recommended dosage for starters is from 100 to 150 mg, with up to 300 mg per day. The powder of Adrafinil is soluble in water so it could be taken with a glass of water. If the dosage levels are exceeded, potential side effects could be increased. Recommendations suggest that the Adrafinil use should be started with lower doses, advancing with higher doses later, but not exceeding the 300 mg. When the tolerance is reached, the utilization of Adrafinil should be stopped for a certain period, before it could be used again.

Side effects

Most of the nootropic substances are considered to be safe and are sold as OTC chemicals, yet Adrafinil caries a potential risk for side effects which some of them are serious. Most of the Adrafinil side effects are not present if the substance is used according to the instructions. Higher doses of this chemical may, even though it is not typical, increase blood pressure and potentiate heart illness, especially in those people who already have the cardiovascular conditions.

If an individual, who would like to use Adrafinil, already has a preexisting heart condition, consultation with a physician is necessary so that a preventive measures could be taken on time. There is also a risk of Adrafinil interactions with other substances, such as caffeine or Adderall (or any other drug which has amphetamine mixed salts), because the combination of different stimulants could affect the blood pressure and brain stimulation.

Mild side effects of Adrafinil are common with other present drugs and such side effects are dizziness, headache, stomach discomfort and nausea. With the higher doses, side effects are more frequent, so it is necessary to comply to recommended dosage. The headaches are usually treated with either choline supplements or food which contains choline such as eggs and red meat. The other side effects could be reduced by taking lower doses and taking a break from the substance. Yet, the sudden dosage halt could lead to a rebound effect, common for similar nootropics, when body seeks the substance and produces addiction.adrafinil hepatotoxicity

Probably the most serious side effect of Adrafinil is hepatotoxicity. Hepatotoxicity occurs in the case of Adrafinil’s high doses, when it metabolizes within the liver. Adrafinil metabolites can caused rises in liver enzymes that can cause damage when at excessive levels. Because liver has high potential for regeneration, Adrafinil is not significantly harmful for liver, except when higher doses are administered for a longer period or when a current liver condition exists.

In the case of present liver condition, an individual is advised to consult medical professional about the present health condition. It is not advised to use this substance in combination with alcohol, or any other hepatotoxic substance or medicine, because this combination could lead to a worsened health of an individual.

Smaller number of side effects include Stevens-Hohnson Syndrome, DRESS sydrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, which occur rarely and to people who have specific genetical polymorphism.


Adrafinil is considered to be among the most effective nootropics available. Even though it has numerous benefits, side effects are also present, especially if higher doses are used. In order to prevent the side effects, it is necessary to use the recommended dosage (up to 300 mg per day) and to consult a medical professional. If an individual experiences certain heart and liver conditions, consultation with a doctor is necessary, so that an Adrafinil therapy could be processed safely.