Refund Policy30 day money-back guarantee

All of our products are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You are eligible for a full refund including shipping costs if you are not satisfied with your order. This 30 day period is in effect from the time you receive your order according to the tracking information.

To request a refund, or if you have a problem with your order, please use the contact form on our website, or send an email to, specifying that it is an order. One of our representatives will assist you with your order and may ask why you are not satisfied with your product(s). The representative may suggest an exchange if you wish to do such. It is your choice if you want a store exchange, credit or full refund.

If you do not want a store exchange and would rather have a full refund, a representative will process your request. In this case, we will ask for you to return our products whether they are open or unopened. Domestic US orders are eligible for return shipping costs, while international orders are not eligible for return postage costs.

If you are located in the United States, you can request a return postage label. In this case, we will send a postage slip to your address so that you may return your products free of charge. Whether you are a US customer or International customer, we will refund the full cost of your order once tracking information has been sent to us. Once the tracking information is relayed to our support team, we will process the refund.

The refund will be sent back to the card you ordered on. Typically, a refund can take 5-7 business days to show on your statement but may take longer to post in special circumstances. If you have any questions about this process you can contact our customer support at any time.

Shipping Policy

All of our products are sent via USPS. If you wish to use another carrier, you may call or email us so that we can send an invoice for the extra shipping costs. You will be required to pay these extra costs before we can ship. The United States Postal Service offers a range of different options for delivery such as USPS Priority, USPS First Class and USPS Express.

We offer USPS Priority and USPS Express for domestic US orders. Orders dispatched with USPS Priority have an average delivery time of 2-4 days within the United States. USPS Express orders are dispatched within 24 hours (business days) and guaranteed to arrive on your doorstep within 48 hours from time of purchase. If you do not receive an express order in this timeframe you are eligible for a refund on the added express charges.  Orders placed before Noon US East Coast time Monday through Friday will ship same day if the order has a complete address and billing information is accepted. Complete and fully accepted orders placed before 10AM US East Coast time on Saturday will also ship same day.  Other weekend orders will ship on Monday or the next business day in the case of US federal holidays.

Both domestic and international orders are covered by our full company warranty. If any of the products are lost, stolen or damaged, we will replace the products free of charge. If you have an issue like stated above, please contact our support team so that we may remedy the situation.

We offer USPS First Class International and USPS Priority Mail International for customers outside of the United States. We cannot guarantee delivery times on International orders. International orders sent via USPS First Class generally range from 7 days – 14 days for delivery depending on the country you order from. Some countries such as Canada, have quicker delivery times than others such as Australia.

International delivery times cannot be guaranteed due to the possibility of customs delays.  Customs may sometimes hold packages for inspection which may result in delays of your parcel delivery. Our refund/replace policy on international orders lost in shipping is 45 days from time of purchase. The reason for this is that if the parcel is held by customs, they may release your parcel at any time during or after this period.

Customers are the importer of record on all international orders and are responsible for understanding the import requirements and restrictions of their country.  Elite Nootropics is not responsible for packages seized by Customs and will not refund such orders.

Due to regulatory differences, we cannot ship to several countries.  If a country has import issues identified, it will not show up as allowed for shipping. Under no circumstances can we ship to the countries mentioned on our disallowed list.

Elite Nootropics is not responsible for any duty or extra charges that may be incurred as import costs in your country. Sometimes a customer service representative may be able to refund some of your order to help offset duty costs if your order was large enough. If you have a question about duty & taxes, please contact our support team.

Purchase Terms

By purchasing and using our site and services you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:

You must be above 18 years of age to purchase our products. It is against our TOS to sell to minors. Please respect our rules. Our products are not intended for consumption in minors. Do not give or sell any of our products to minors without first consulting a doctor.

By purchasing our products you understand that these products are not intended for medical use. Any of the information we offer on our site regarding medical related studies is meant strictly for educational purposes. Our products have not been evalutated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Elite Nootropics is not responsible for any misuse of our products. Our recommended dosages are based off standards and we do not guarantee a lack of side effects or interactions even below the recommended dosages. By consuming our products you are taking full liability for your body and actions. We try to transmit safety and proper usage data to our customers and readers to the best of our abilities.