Choline is essential for healthy function in every-day life. Most people with healthy diets get enough natural choline to keep the brain and body running at required levels. Regardless, some people look into supplementing choline for other various reasons.

Choline supplementation is an area of interest to racetam nootropic users. This is because certain choline supplements may offer potentiating benefits to certain racetam nootropics. It has been suggested that choline supplementation can help to increase the benefits of these racetams as well as to reduce certain side effects (this has not been proven).

There are many types of choline supplements that all work in different ways. In the end, you get what you pay for. It is important for a nootropic user to understand the biology of each supplement. This may help to determine which supplement is the right one based on the below factors as well as cost.

See bellow to see the top 5 best choline supplements:

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC has been suggested to be the best choline supplement. It is purified in a complex process from lecithin. The process is expensive when compared to other supplements. This explains why alpha GPC is one of the most expensive choline supplements and also one of the most effective.

This choline supplement is different from other types. It helps to synthesize acetylcholine, not by acting as a precursor but instead the opposite by metabolizing into acetylcholine. The unique metabolism of alpha GPC explains its unique and powerful nootropic benefits.


Citicoline is listed as the number two choline supplement. Like alpha GPC, it is also considered a nootropic choline supplement. It is utilized in several nootropic blends as a superior form of choline.

Citicoline has a different metabolism than both choline and alpha GPC. It is an intermediate in the synthesis of acetylcholine rather than acting as a direct precursor or metabolising directly into the neurotransmitter. This allows for more choline in the brain to become free while also replenishing levels of phospholipids in certain parts of the brain. This allows for citicolines’ unique benefits and nootropic qualities.

Choline Bitartratecholine bitartrate

Choline bitartrate is a very common form of choline supplement that is used often with racetams. This is because it is a cheap and a great source for raw choline. It is not in the same caliber as alpha GPC or citicoline and is not considered nootropic on its own.

This type of choline acts as a direct precursor to acetylcholine. It does not have the same method of action as alpha GPC or citicoline and therefore the extra health benefits do not exists. Overall, choline bitartrate is a great choline source for those looking to improve overall levels of choline.


Phosphatidylcholine is our most natural source of choline. It is the most common source of choline within our foods and also the most natural. It can be extracted as pure supplement from a variety of choline rich foods. These food are converted into lecithin and further purified into phosphatidylcholine.

Phosphatidylcholine is less effective of a choline supplement than choline bitartrate. It contains choline and is metabolized within the body to release the nutrient. By weight, phosphatidylcholine only contains about 13% choline.


Lecithin refers to any animal or plant derivative fatty substance that contains related nutrients including choline and phospholipids such as phosphatidylcholine. There are several sources to recover lecithin with the most popular being soy and egg yolks. This type of choline supplement is perhaps the most widely available and cheapest in cost of all the choline supplements.

Lecithin contains choline and phosphatidylcholine but is still less effective than pure phosphatidylcholine at raising choline levels. By weight it is only 2.5-9.5% choline. Lecithin can be obtained at a cheap cost however more of the supplement is needed. Alpha GPC is a purified version of lecithin however neither of these choline supplements works in the exact same way.