Most people believe that nature has offered us only the best, so it is no wonder that a certain part of the population still favors natural products when it comes to nootropics. Some prefer natural substances to the synthesized ones, and that is completely normal because every market has the right treatment and product for each consumer. For those who wish to start a natural nootropic therapy, our recommendation is vincamine, a natural supplement which works as a vasodilator of peripheral blood vessels. Brain blood vessels belong to the peripheral vascular system, so this substance increases the blood flow, as well as oxygen supply, to the brain.

Due to its abilities, vincamine increases clarity of thought, mental energy, heightened alertness and intellectual processing, nothing less efficient than nootropic synthesized substances. It is available under many different generic names on the market, depending on the country and location. Beside its supplemental activity, vincamine is also used as a common component of fragrances, as well as an essential precursor to many pharmaceuticals.

Vincamine is a natural derivative of Vinca minor, also known as the “Periwinkle” plant in English, and it is found in the leaves of this species, compromising about 50 percent of all indole alkaloids of the plant. Less used natural source is the Cataranthus roseus species. The first extraction of this compound was in the 1950s, when a research team discovered that alkaloids from Vinca minor manifest vasoactive properties. Vincamine has a much more potent descendant called Vinpocetine, which represents a purified form of Vincamine, which is highly preferred by consumers.

Vincamine effects

Vincamine has had its therapeutic use for almost thirty years, but a certain mechanism with its effects is still unravelled, with many current pharmacological studies working on this substance. A certain thing is that vincamine acts as an efficient peripheral vasodilatator by relaxing smooth muscle cells of blood vessels, allowing them to widen and let the excess blood into the brain. Dilatated blood vessels bring extra oxygen to brain which enhances brain metabolism and brings additional energy designed for thinking, memory, motorics etc. Brain metabolism is related to glucose uptake which, in the combination with oxygen, speeds up the brain.

vincamine vasodilation

Another great benefit of vincamine is that it is has specific effects oncertain parts of the brain. A part of the brain called locus coeruleus is involved in dealing with physiological reply as well as panic and stress. Neurons in this area of the brain have the ability, as we age, to weaken and lose its effectiveness, leading to poorer planning and thinking. Vincamine enhances the effectiveness of these neurons and improves memory and other cognitive functions, enabling them to overcome the neuronal decline due to age.

Vincamine benefits

Its vasodilatatory mechanism gives the ability of numerous nootropic benefits and potentiates its true cognitive effects. The vasodilatatory mechanism allows an increase of blood flow which enables the brain to function properly. Besides the fact that it could be used as a nootropic remedy, vincamine is also used in various conditions as a pharmaceutical in treating Meniere’s syndrome and vertigo. It helps an individual to overcome the difficulties related to mood changes, sleeping, depression, hypertension, hearing problems and even a decreased eye blood flow.

The ability to enhance cognitive effects has given vincamine a roll as a potential medication for Alzheimer’s disease. Numerous studies have shown that it normalizes brain-wave patterns in seniors who are experiencing memory defects. Another interesting, yet less researched benefit, is that it could be used as a treatment for a type of organic brain syndrome caused by the alcohol intake.

Personal experiences have suggested that vincamine truly increases cognitive efficiency. This supplement, according to consumers, enhances concentration and increases memory which meliorates problem solving and thinking. Overall effects of vincamine are aimed towards mood improvement with a feeling of an enhanced well-being.

Vincamine Dosage

Even though it is a natural product, this herbal supplement is strong and its doses should be controlled when used. Staying within the recommended dosage range is important so it is advised that consumers follow instructions when this substance is prescribed. Recommended dose is 30 mg twice a day. An important notice is that vincamine is still a new nootropic substance, so it is advisable to consult a medical professional before vincamine use. For starters, it is important to begin with a smaller dose and then gradually increase to the recommended level, once an individual is more familiar with the benefits and side effects of vincamine.

Vincamine Side Effects

Vincamine has few side effects of which most of them are minor, like gastrointestinal problems. In some rare occasions, these side effects could be prolonged, so in that case the use of this product should be discontinued. If the proper consultation with a medical professional is carried and the consumer complies with the instructions, the chances of experiencing side effects is minimal.


Vincamine represents a desirable nootropic for those consumers who want a natural product. It increases cognitive abilities and has neuroprotective benefits, by increasing peripheral blood flow to the brain. It helps an individual to motivate himself/herself, removes brain fog and helps a person to get better focus. A purified form of vincamine called vinpocetine is preferred nowadays, because of its more potent benefits, but vincamine is still available for the use and is widely consumed by nootropic users. There are few side effects which should be considered like gastrointestinal symptoms, so a proper consultation with a medical professional should be conducted before vincamine usage.